Wests and the Web

This page describes things that you can do with Wests and the world wide web. The instructions below show you how to transfer your HTML files (as generated by Wests) to your website. You can also set up Wests to send tips directly to footytips.net where there is a free tipping service available to receive tips for your tipping competition.

Previously, there was a PHP script bundled with Wests that was used to receive tips on your web server and email received tips back to the tipster for confirmation. Due to support issues, the tipping script is no longer available for download, though this arrangement means that there is now less setup and maintenance involved on your part.

Things you must have before you can start:

Setup checklist:

What you need to do once before the competition, and then after each round, is copy the files to the web server. This isn't as nasty as it sounds, Wests can automate the process. To do this:

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