Tips entry

There are currently two methods of entering tips into Wests: manually (see below), and through a web script. In the future (no set date, I'm fairly busy!) I plan to release a version that allows tipsters to tip over a network and have the tips integrated into the competition automatically with no work required by the competition adminstrator.

Manual entry is the simplest method of entering tips but it requires a fair bit of work on the part of the competition administrator - this is probably only feasible for competitions where you have a handful of tipsters, or only a few games per round.

Initially when you open the window, there will only be a row of boxes at the top and the very bottom section of the window visible. The basic idea here is to select a tipster, authenticate them by entering the password (into the invisible box! You should see it though) and then clicking the authenticate button. (If you are the administrator entering tips manually for others, and you don't know their password, you can use the administrator password in place of the tipster's password). Then you will see the middle section appear, where you can select...

There are also a variety of options for importing tips sent over the web to In each email containing tips, there is a line at the end beginning with Wests: If you enter the data on that line after Wests into the box where it says Enter tipping string, then those tips will be entered into the program. Likewise, clicking on the button "Read single tipping string from clipboard" reads the data off Windows' clipboard. If you have downloaded a tipping log file from, then you can import the tips using the Load tips from downloaded log file option.

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