Edit rounds, grounds, teams and tipsters

The dialogs for changing all of these options are all similar but slightly different. Here is the basic format that is used for changing the names of rounds of the season. Note that you can't enter an empty name or abbreviation, because they are used somewhere in the program (otherwise you will be confused when you are confronted with a selection of blank names!)

The interface is simple: select a round in the list on the left, and its details pop up on the right. The full name is listed in round-by-round fixtures, whilst the abbreviation is listed with tips, team game-by-game records and so on. The Blind round tick box indicates whether or not you want to be able to view tips and prizes for this round - note that prizes will be allocated (if required) but not shown, and tip totals in future rounds will not display the totals shown here. At the end of the season, you can make all rounds visible (or non-blind!) by selecting Global Settings in the Options menu.

Don't forget to click the save button before selecting another round. Selecting cancel will cause Wests to forget all changes you made while this window was open, regardless of whether you saved individual round names. This is the same for all similar editing options listed below.

The window for changing names of venues is slightly different - at the end of the list there is an option to add another venue. Once again don't forget to save the details.

The teams dialog contains an option to give each team bonus or penalty premiership points for each round. To allocate points, select a round, then click the bonus/penalty button until it has the correct title, and then enter the number of points in the box on the right. Note that you can't enter a negative number into the points allocation box! This is what the bonus/penalty toggle button is for.

The tipsters box is different again. Firstly, select a tipster from the list on the left. You can then select double points rounds for this person by clicking on the round names in the box on the right. You can also update the amount paid by the tipster for entering the competition using the bottom entry box. If you want to change a tipster's password, firstly enter the old password, and then the new password twice (once for verification). If a tipster forgets a password, you can reset it by entering the administrator's password as the tipster's old password. Note that you don't have to enter someone's password to change data, only if you want to change their password. If you will enter all tips directly into Wests (ie, you will not use the provided web tipping scripts), it is best if you leave the passwords blank. You only need to fill in the box for an email address if you want to use the supplied web tipping script - see Wests and the Web for more details. Remember to click Save to save tipster data, and OK to commit all changes. Since you probably won't enter the tipsters in alphabetical order, clicking on the Sort Tipsters button will do this for you. Since the ordering of the tipsters as listed in this window affects the ordering of tipsters elsewhere (e.g. in drop down lists and on tips pages), you will probably want them to be sorted.

An alternative to entering all tipster details manually is to use the script available on footytips.net that lets users register online. Once the script is setup as described on the website, you can import the users saved in the specified file via the Import tipsters button. Note that this option will remove all tipster information and all tips, and cannot be undone!

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