Re-using data for future seasons

This is an option to save you from re-entering team and ground names each season. Once you have opened your data file for this season (eg, 2004), select this option from the Options menu. There are only two things to specify:

Not only does this save you a few minutes each year, but you can build up an archive of game results that can be shown on your fixtures pages as a form guide between teams, that displays venues of previous clashes and the scores, for example:

2:10pm Sun 22 AugOrange StatevOld CastleThe Cross
Round 9Old Castle (73) lost to Orange State (88)The Cross
Round 25, 2003Old Castle (82) lost to Orange State (91)The Cross
Round 8, 2003Orange State (73) lost to Old Castle (138)The Cross
Round 18, 2002Orange State (71) defeated Old Castle (70)The Cross
Round 1, 2002Old Castle (138) defeated Orange State (111)The Cross

In the above example, the round names are as you specify in the edit rounds window, and the year is what you specify in the This season box in this window. If you decide that you have too many past results listed for your liking, you can set the number of results to display in the league options. Note that any clashes between these two teams that have occurred previously this season will be shown without the year attached, as can be seen in the first result listed.

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