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Welcome to, the home of Wests tipping software.

Download Wests tipping software now! It's free!
Click here to download the latest version (about 520kB). Version: 1.4.5 (29/05/11)
If you're upgrading, then it's strongly recommended that you view the release notes and the list of changes.
Just run the installer after it has downloaded. Easy!


About the program
Wests is a free footy tipping program. It makes running an AFL, NRL, Super 15, A-League, cricket or any other type of tipping competition much easier. It's just about fully customisable. Want to include State of Origin, or finals matches in your competition? It's your choice. You can set the scoring rules for your tipping competition. Want double points for a round? Or allocate bonus points for tipping a perfect round? Easy. Wests has a range of options for distributing prizes at the end of the season, and the end of each round. Want to allocate prizes to tipsters who only tip a perfect round? Or maybe you will allocate weekly prizes to the person who tips the closest winning margin... it's your choice. There's no practical limit on the number of people who can enter your competition. All data files are saved in HTML format for easy viewing in a web browser, and for easy printing.

For more detailed information, please have a look at the online documentation, including a page of Frequently Asked Questions. Or, here is an example of what Wests can do. If Wests doesn't do what you want, feel free to email your suggestion.

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